Get Electrical Panel Upgrade Solutions in Asheville, NC

Get Electrical Panel Upgrade Solutions in Asheville, NC

We'll amp up your home's energy efficiency

Older electrical panels don't operate at the same capacity as modern systems. When you start experiencing issues with your electrical system, it could be time for an electrical panel upgrade. Advanced Electric of WNC, LLC can perform an electrical service upgrade for every part of your system. We can change out wires, repair connections and replace outdated or faulty panels.

Contact our office in Asheville, NC to schedule an electrical service upgrade today. Call 828-713-3746 to receive a free estimate.

Is it time to replace your electrical panel?

Often times, you don't notice issues with our electrical system until it stops working completely. Before you find yourself stuck without power, look for these common signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade:

  • Your breakers are constantly tripping
  • You have fuses instead of breakers
  • You're updating your appliances
  • Your panel produces a burning smell
  • Your panel is more than 30 years old

When you start having ongoing electrical problems, turn to the experts at Advanced Electric of WNC for a solution.